Marijo Možnik (gymnastics)

Marijo Možnik is born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. He started with gymnastics at age six in the club ZTD “Hrvatski Sokol”, where he still trains today. Until the 2004. he trained all six elements, and then he specialized the high bar. He trains twice a day every day except Sunday, and every training on average takes two hours. He’s a member of the Croatian senior gymnastics team from the 2004. and has the status of top athlete – first category according to the criteria of the Croatian Olympic Committee.


At the 2007. World Championships in Stuttgart he performed new gymnastic element on the high bar which was listed in the Regulations of the International Gymnastics Federation in 2009. under his name (Možnik). He is the only Croatian gymnast who has its own element.


In 2014. he won bronze medal at the world championship, achieving the best result in his career.


With his proportions (183 cm, 80 kg), Marijo stands out from the average gymnast and is currently the largest gymnast in the world.


Three years in a row he qualified for the finals of the European Championship and 2012. became the vice-champion of Europe. At the Mediterranean Games in Turkey in 2013. he won the silver medal.


Marijo won 17 medals (5 gold, 3 silver and 9 bronze) World Cup medals, and in the 2010, 2013 and 2014 he finished as the overall winner of the World Cup on high bar.


In 2013. he received a national award for Sport “Franjo Bucar” awarded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.



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